Hawk's Claw

2018-2019 Staff

Allison Kowal-Safron

Allison Kowal Safron is a junior at Hopkins Academy who is apart of both the Girls Basketball and Soccer Teams, as well as Mock Trial and Pro Merito. She loves writing about politics and writes many informative and well-written...

Jake Smith

Jake Smith is a seventh grader at Hopkins Academy. He is apart of both the boys baseball and soccer teams for Hopkins, as well as plays hockey. He is a valuable asset to the newspaper, and loves writing about sports and commentating. ...

Davide Rotunno

Davide is a junior at Hopkins Academy who is apart of the Mock Trial, Key Club, and Pro Merito. He likes to hang out with his dog Daisy and adds many informative articles to our Newspaper, specifically pertaining to government...

Carolyn Kowal-Safron

Carolyn is a junior at Hopkins Academy where she participates in Peer Mentoring, basketball, the Hopkins Marching Band and is also an avid runner. She helps give the articles written a thorough editing before we submit them and...

Allison Markowski

Allison Markowski

Allison is a sophomore at Hopkins Academy where she plays basketball and participates in Peer Mentoring. She also has a passion for softball and is a great pitcher for the Hopkins Academy Girls Varsity Softball team.

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