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Hadley Massachusetts is a small affluent farming community in the heart of a liberal five college system. The town itself was settled in 1659 and incorporated in 1661 while the school, Hopkins Academy, began in 1664 founded by Edward Hopkins. After Hopkins’ death he created a trust which continued to finance the school.  This support continues to this day through the board of trustees. The trustees help to fund field trips, technology or other non-budget items, such as the school newspaper. While the present-day Hopkins Academy is in a different building than in years of the past, it carries the tradition and history of the community with it still. The school itself educates 270 students in grades 7-12.


Our Policies:

The Hawk’s Claw is dedicated to bringing the community the most current news, that we can, with integrity and enthusiasm. Our ethical guidelines direct our staff to investigate the news without harm and with honesty and fervor. It is important to us that our news is reported accurately and timely, and that we do not infringe on the rights of others.


“Pursuant to state law, no expression made by students in the exercise of such rights shall be deemed to be an expression of school policy and no school officials shall be held responsible in any civil or criminal action for any expression made or published by the students.”


Feel free to contact the newspaper adviser, April Camuso, at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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