Birthdays Celebrated In School?


Felica Fil, Staff Writer

The Hopkins Academy Student Body received a great surprise when they were notified about the new birthday procedures that are now being enforced at both Hopkins Academy and Hadley Elementary School. This new policy states that students can no longer bring in birthday treats or have their birthdays announced over the intercom at school. Students were not concerned about the birthday treat portion, feeling that that rule mainly pertained to the Hadley Elementary School, but instead felt passionate about the fact that there would no longer be birthday announcements over the intercom at school. Hopkins Academy Student Council, which represents the voice of the students, stepped in and was able to get the announcements back. A major reason why Student Council pushed to bring announcements back was due to the fact that birthday announcements contribute to a positive school climate and a more close-knit student body. When asked about the issue, Brianna Kane, a senior and member of the Student council, said: “I enjoyed seeing familiar and unfamiliar faces in the hallway and saying happy birthday. It was a way of connecting everyone. Knowing that someone had a birthday made me more likely to talk to them or offer a smile. Offering a few kind words made their day and it made mine as well knowing that I was a highlight of their day.” As seen, announcing birthdays in school not only makes the student whose birthday it is feel recognized, but it also connects members of the student body and promotes a positive school atmosphere. In conclusion, there have been many happy faces in the hallways now that birthdays have been brought back as apart of one of the many traditions that is unique to Hopkins Academy culture.