Spirit Week 2018: What You Need to Know


Students from the classes of 2017 and 2016 get into the spirit of “character day” with this look from Grease!

Carolyn Kowal-Safron, Editor

Midterms are done.

Second term has closed.

Spirit Week season is upon us!

Starting on Monday, February 12th, all students in grades 7-12 will be called down to the gymnasium after high school lunch (approximately 12:40) to participate in the week’s festivities and friendly competition and see which grade truly dominates the school.

The schedule for the week is as follows:

Friday, February 9th: Pajama Day

Monday, February 12th: America Day

Tuesday, February 13th: “What the Heck are You Wearing?!?” Day

Wednesday, February 14th: Twin Day

Thursday, February 15th: Meme/Character Day

Friday, February 16th: Color Day

Here are the things you need to know:

  1. This year’s Spirit Week officially kicks off on Friday, February 9th, when all students are encouraged to wear pajamas to not only get excited for the coming week, but also earn points to help their grades win!
  2. For Color Day, black is reserved for the Seniors and white for the Juniors. The colors assigned to all of the other grades will be announced in the near future, so stay tuned!
  3. The Student Council, which hosts this exciting week every year, is looking to incorporate a few new events into the schedule. Pay attention to sign-ups on Monday, January 29th, to find out what they are.
  4. The Class of 2020 (Sophomores) is looking to finally not end in last place, a standing they unfortunately are all too familiar with. After previously being DQ’d from three events and kicked out of another, they are looking for revenge.
  5. The Class of 2018 (Seniors) is looking to win the entire week, and the odds are with them, especially after their success as Freshmen, when they placed second.
  6. The week will conclude with a Lip Sync Battle, a fierce competition in which few are willing to participate due to fear of embarrassment.
  7. Eighth grader Andrew Ciaglo hopes to once again dominate the basketball court in the three-point contest, having outshot even the best of the best last year.
  8. When competing in events, the matchups will be as follows: 7th grade vs. 8th grade, Seniors vs. Sophomores, and Juniors vs. Freshmen. The 7th grade and 8th grade will only compete against each other for safety, while the winners of the two high school matches will compete against each other, as will the losers to determine placings.
  9. Spirit Week has historically been impacted by snow days, so keep your fingers crossed for good weather!
  10. February break will begin immediately following the announcement of the winners of the week, so if your grade loses, at least you have that to look forward to!


Last year’s standings:

1st place: Seniors (Class of 2017) – 715 points

2nd place: Juniors (Class of 2018) – 550 points

3rd place: 8th Grade (Class of 2021) – 525 points

4th place: Sophomores (Class of 2019) – 450 points

5th place: Freshmen (Class of 2020) – 440 points

6th place: 7th Grade (Class of 2022) – 410 points


Good luck to each grade!