Feeling Hungry and in the Mood to Help a Good Cause?

Margaret Michalak, Staff Writer

As many of you may remember, last fall, the Hopkins Academy Diversity Club hosted an event called Soup for Syria in order to raise money for Syrian Refugees living in tent camps after they fled their embattled towns. This year, we have the pleasure of hosting another fundraiser similar to last year’s. However, this year, the money collected will go towards funding women’s education in many Middle Eastern and African countries. This event will be held on December 19 from 4:30 to 6:30pm at Hopkins Academy, conveniently ending just before the Hopkins boys’ basketball team’s home game. Come support the Diversity Club, women’s right to education, AND the boys’ basketball team all in one sitting while enjoying delicious and authentic food from many of the countries we’re trying to help. Stop by and see Mr. O’Donoghue or Ms. Lanham for any questions you might have about the menu, cause, or fundraiser. We hope to see you there!