Hopkins Switches up the Staff

Olivia Brighenti, Staff Writer

As the summer ends, the soccer season begins, the weather gets cooler, and a new school year begins at Hopkins, the staff will be missing a few familiar faces, and a few new faces will be strolling the halls. With the loss of the school’s history teacher, Mrs. Bardin, and calculus teacher, Ms. Kelly, the search was on to find fresh new faces to join the Hopkins team.

Ms. Kelly’s position has been taken over by Ms. Julia Marciano, who is brand-new to the teaching field. She graduated from Smith College in May and is already proving herself at Hopkins. When asked how she enjoyed the small school environment, she replied by saying, “I was happy to be welcomed into a small school community. I love working in a little town, it is nice being able to know every student.” She was then asked how she was enjoying her time at Hopkins so far. In response, she explained that “it has been nice going to school sports games and seeing lots of familiar faces.” This year, Ms. Marciano is teaching grades 10-12 in calculus and probability & statistics. She seems to have been welcomed into the Hadley school community with open arms and great appreciation.

Another teacher now accompanying the Hopkins Academy staff is Ms. Kelley Ingraham. She is currently teaching high school history classes in place of Ms. Bardin for the year, and is also teaching sociology. Last school year, she was a Support Professional in the Special Education Department, and was brought in as a long-term substitute teacher. She was asked how she felt about returning to Hopkins, and how she felt about the environment. She commented, “I am thrilled to be working at Hopkins again this year. My colleagues and the students who attend Hopkins have made my return enjoyable. I am fond of the close-knit community at this school and in the town of Hadley.” A student of hers this year, Ryan Kokoski (‘19), was asked how he felt about adding a new teaching style to the current mix. He responded, “Sociology isn’t a subject I would usually find enjoyable, but her teaching style gives it a different twist.” Afterwards, he was asked to give a statement regarding her contribution to the classroom environment, in which he replied with, “She is very nice and understanding to every student. I am glad to have her as my teacher, she makes every day fun.” Ryan’s comments indicate that students obviously feel that Ms. Ingraham has been a strong addition to the teaching department thus far.

To conclude the added teachers for the school year, Mr. Michael Prattico joins the pack. He has recently graduated from college and is working as a PARA in the Special Education Department at Hopkins. Mr. Prattico was incorporated into the school when Mrs. Earle, a former PARA educator, began working as the physical education aide alongside Mr. Sudnick. In the previous year, Mr. Prattico had coached for the middle school, so he was asked back to Hopkins. When asked how he enjoyed working in a small school, he stated, “I enjoy it a lot. I am used to the environment because I went to a school with roughly 350 students. It allows me to get to know the faculty better and work better with them. As a social standpoint for the kids, it lets me get closer to them and help them more.” Mr. Prattico also included that he feels that “students learn better in a space with less people and easier contact to teachers.” He has been adjusting to his job very nicely and hopes to continue for many years to come.

In the past, additions to the Hopkins staff have all been successful. Hadley is a small yet inviting town that hopes that everyone who visits here will be thoroughly impressed with not only the atmosphere, but the school community. In a short time of less than two months, the newly joined staff has presented themselves well, and the Hopkins community wishes them the best of luck with their continued work.