What it Means to be Student of the Month

Amy Robbins

In the month of February, the Student Council helped configure a proposal that establishes the model “Student of the Month”. Hopkins Academy teachers will now vote on Student of the Month, every month. But what does it mean to be Student of the Month? What characteristics are the teachers looking for?

In today’s society men and women are often in competition in school over who gets the better grades, who is the most popular, who is the most athletic and more. However, Student of the Month is not about these things–to be Student of the Month is to be well rounded, caring, compassionate, and ultimately a good-souled person. Student Council’s ideal Student of the Month shows initiative in a classroom full of students, and welcomes their peers to step out of their comfort zone. The purpose of Student of the Month is not to single other kids out, but to give kids a chance to be recognized for their kindness and helpfulness; different characteristics from the Honor Roll Breakfast, or athletic awards.

A lot of students can feel that the powerful motivational things they do to improve the student body are taken for granted.The Student of the Month program is an opportunity to recognize those who display charisma, compassion, and respect. It represents the values that Hopkins Academy seeks within its students. This is an important opportunity to thank students on the hard work and dedication they display everyday to make our school a more positive environment.

The following list details the students that were recognized as the January’s Student of the Month and the reason why:

7th grade- Dylan Vinton- Dylan is a very conscientious student. He has a strong work ethic, works well with both staff and peers, and is always willing to help others.

8th grade- Greg Kuchinski- Greg is a positive force in any classroom he is in. He always enters in a good mood and says hello to those around him. He has the ability to work with any member of the class

9th grade- Felicia Fil- Felicia is a leader among her peers and encourages people to get along

10th Grade- Jupiter Fetler and John Soto-Guzman- Jupiter is exceptionally kind and friendly to his peers. John takes ownership for himself and works hard to learn from his decisions.

11th grade- Ryan Phillips- Ryan has done more than 25 hours of tutoring in math for a 6th grade student.

12th grade- Taylor Robbins- Taylor is a strong leader among the student body and was instrumental in bringing back the student of the month program.