Competition and Community: Annual Spirit Week Returns

The Student Council held our annual Spirit Week the week before February break. It is the largest event planned by Student Council and has the goal of promoting the school community. Student Council President Pema Zidig and Vice President Brooke Rochon described planning Spirit Week as, “it required a lot of planning and it was stressful, but overall it was very rewarding to see the school community come together and be passionate about something”. 

The week consisted of many fun activities, games, and dress-up days. Some of the most popular activities include bombardment, four-court volleyball, lip sync battle, musical chairs, capture the flag, Pictionary, and shoe relay. The dress-up days ranged from anything but a backpack day to beach day to throwback Thursday. By winning activities or having the highest percentage of class participation on dress-up days, you are able to win points for your grade. These points add up, and by the end of the week, whichever grade has the most points wins. 

Over the course of the school year leading up to Spirit Week, different competitions were held in which you could earn points. This year, those competitions were the Homecoming Spirit Week Dress Up Days, Class Bulletin Boards, and the Veterans Day Posters. These competitions proved to be vital for the Juniors this year. They won two of the competitions, which gave them 25 points, which allowed them to jump up from fourth place to second in the final standings. The Seniors won the Homecoming Spirit Week giving them an extra 10 points. The complete final standings can be found below the article.

While the standings may not show it, the freshman had a great showing throughout the week. They won bombardment, volleyball, 3-point shootout, and balloon stomp, which is quite a lot for a freshman class. 

The juniors struggled for the majority of the week. This was highlighted when they proceeded to block the Sophomores instead of immediately winning. They did throw together their lip sync battle at the very last minute, they literally decided on it while the freshmen were performing. But, they were able to come in second place overall because of their previous wins in the Class Bulletin Board and Veterans Day Poster competitions. Rochon emphasizes the importance of participating in events throughout the year to accumulate points throughout the year, as they can make a big difference, as we saw with the juniors this year.

The sophomores were on track to come in second place, but the Hula Hoop Relay cost them. They broke the chain right at the end, causing them to be disqualified and only earn one point for the event. If they had not broken the chain, they would have come in second in the event, giving them five points. In the final standings, they trail the juniors by four points, so if they had not broken the chain, they would have tied for second place.

In the end, the seniors came out on top by twenty-three points. They did get disqualified from the lip sync battle for having too many participants. But, that did not make a difference for them in the end. The seniors won nine out of the fifteen total events, leaving the other grades with slim chances of even coming close to catching up. 

Overall, this year was another successful Spirit Week and we’re looking forward to next year!

Final Standings:

  1. Seniors: 100 points
  2. Juniors: 77 points
  3. Sophomores: 73 points
  4. Freshman: 56 points
  5. 8th Grade: 39 points
  6. 7th Grade: 32 points