Career Day Returns!

Felicia Fil

As my time at Hopkins Academy is winding down, the pressure to determine my post high school graduation plans is increasing. This is a reality for many high school students; as students prepare to leave Hopkins, parents, friends, family members, co-workers, and teachers are quick to ask what they plan to do next. Although many people think that they have an idea, the reality is that many students are not exactly sure what they want to do post-high school. 

This year, Hopkins decided to bring back Career Day in hopes of inspiring conversation among peers, teachers, and Career Day presenters about post graduation opportunities. Bringing in presenters from a wide variety of fields, allowed students to get a broad range of exposure to different careers available in the post-high school world. 

The origins of reviving Career Day comes from an inspiring experience; when Mr. Beck was a teacher in Uxbridge, MA, his high school arranged a technology event. It was then that Mr. Beck became fascinated by people who spent so much time, money, and effort on activities that he was not even aware of. Mr. Beck’s hope was that Career Day would enable students to become exposed to careers that they did not even know existed, rather than remaining confined to the fields that they already knew of, or that their parents/guardians are in.

The Hopkins Academy Board of Trustees has granted $3,000 to career exploration. Mr. Beck says that he plans on making Career Day an annual event. With each career day comes new presenters and keynote speakers. Mr. Beck reflects on career day by happily stating that he was very pleased with the structure and flow of the day. Stay tuned for a student survey that asks for individual feedback on Career Day and what can be improved for next year.